03. Society of the Divine Word

 The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) is a missionary congregation within the Catholic Church. We are just over 6000 members - brothers and priests - from 72 different nationalities, working in 74 countries.  There are also two groups of sisters in the same "Arnoldus" family (started by St Arnold Janssen) - the Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit and the Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration. The photo above was taken during an congregation assembly in Madang in Papua New Guinea.  Our former Congregational leader Fr Antonio Pernia is 3rd from the left in the middle row.

We have General Chapters of the Congregation every six years.  The last General Chapter was held in mid 2012, with the theme: "From every nation, people and language - sharing intercultural life and mission." The next General Chapter starting in June 2018 will have the theme, "The Love of Christ Impels us. Rooted in the Word. Committed to His Mission."

You can also see the films "Word Bearing Fruit" (,  Robert's Ordination (, and "Elias' Ordination" (  Also there are short films such as Carols by Candlelight in Epping (, Misa de Gallo (, Christmas Children's Mass at Petone (