04. Social Concern

 Humanity today is confronted with new situations, choices and constraints in the face of globalisation, ecology, migration, justice and peace, human rights, climate change, the management of public affairs, and the common good -- to name just a few areas of concern. These are all issues concerning life in society. 

The Church seeks to accompany people in finding a direction and social vision that reflects the values of the reign of God that Jesus announced and embodied. Sometimes the Church is called to offer a prophetic challenge to aspects of contemporary culture. 

I try to raise social consciousness, based on Scripture, the Social Teaching of the Church, and the human resources often unrecognised in communities.  This may involve being with marginalised or disadvantaged people, advocacy with those in power, or research to uncover factors influencing social and global change. I believe that faith can make a difference.

The following short prayer sums it up well:  Da pan a los que tienen hambre, ya los que tienen pan, da hambre para la justicia -- Give bread to those who hunger, and to those who have bread, give them a hunger for justice."

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