05. Anthropology

 Anthropology is the study of humanity - with origins in the natural and social sciences.  There are various sub-fields of anthropology.  I focus on cultural and linguistic anthropology, with issues such as how the worldview and values of people in traditional societies cope with social and cultural change today, and the various ways people communicate through language and symbol. Recent work has been on perceptions of disability, politics, sorcery and the use of proverbs.

Most of my work has been in Papua New Guinea, though I am interested in and fascinated by the way of life of people in various parts of the world.

I am a member of the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO), and am also on the Anthropos Institute co-ordinating Council

The "Writings" section of this website includes a number of anthropological papers.

You can view a short video illustrating ways people in the Enga Province integrate traditional culture and (Catholic) Christian faith at and also Enga Mass - short version (