07. Image and Film

I enjoy using photos and video as creative media. They help brighten up classes and are also a good way to get a discussion going.

With still photos I have used a method called "Photovoice" which uses visual images and accompanying stories to promote participatory means of sharing experiences in ways that lead to social change. It builds on theories of education for critical consciousness to challenge the commonly held assumptions of those who are traditionally in control of the means for imaging the world. We teach people how to use digital cameras and send them off to take photos so that we see life from their perspective.  Discussion later requires a lot of time and patience. Photovoice combines photography and social awareness for change. It promotes dialogue through group discussion about photographs taken of the life in the community. You can see "Gender Voice through Photos" from 2009 in the writings page of this website.

I also use Participatory video where people from local communities go out with a video camera to film life in their communities.  Later, once they have enough footage I help them edit it into a film and burn to a DVD.  The people enjoy seeing themselves and it is a great discussion starter. You can see such a film "New Life in the Gor Community" at

Below is a photo from one of the early workshops in which I was training people how to use a video camera.